Brett McMurphy needs sleep

Brett McMurphy is a junkyard dog.  Maybe Brett is a degenerate gambler and put the mortgage on the UNDER for Ohio State’s win total in 2018, which is currently at 10 (Over +105/Under -135), according to Bovada.  (For what its worth, on August 12th their win total was at 10.5 (EVEN)).  It’s clear this guy hasn’t slept since he broke the story on the former assistant coach, Zach Smith. The joy from sticking it to his former employer ESPN for laying him off, coupled with the endless fun from discovering Facebook at his age….probably doesn’t allow a lot of time for sleep.  The older generation loves Facebook.  Your mind goes places it’s never been when you don’t sleep and if you need evidence of that phenomenon, take a look at this.

According to Brett McMurphy’s report on Stadium:

Documents and receipts Stadium has obtained show Zach Smith ordered more than $2,200 in sex toys, male apparel and photography equipment and had the items delivered to him at Ohio State’s Woody Hayes Athletic Center in 2015.”

My initial reaction is obviously photography equipment ain’t cheap.  Smart move to lump in some other things with sex toys in his order to make it not-so-obvious.  Just like every young adolescent male has done when at the drug store; throw in some taco-flavored chips, shampoo, and even a few magazines off the rack to cover that box of ribbed jimmys so that the cashier doesn’t think you’re up to no good.

You can read the rest of the article and see that Brett tried to shame Smith for taking dick pics in the White House bathroom and even listed out every item that was delivered in that $2200 package of jazz.

Okay so maybe Zach Smith shouldn’t have had sex toys sent to his office – for the sheer fact of someone else finding out.  And he probably should have deleted the dick pics from his phone or the cloud (unless he had aspirations being featured in another Fappening).  He’s surely not the first guy to capture the moment in that fashion on Pennsylvania Ave and he won’t be the last.  In fact, you can bet that is now a bucket-list item for a lot of guys.

But at the end of the day, this has nothing to do with Urban Meyer’s alleged negligence in handling the domestic violence charge on the former assistant coach.  Brett, you need to sleep.

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