M&Ms guy: Not an Acronym for Marlins Man

Lawrence Levy aka Marlins Man might be the most recognizable sports fan – ironically attending most major sporting events that do not involve the baseball team in Miami.  You can’t miss this orange badass sitting behind home plate at nearly every featured baseball game on ESPN.  The common folk seek out Marlins Man between innings to complete one of their bucket list item in the form of a selfie.  A picture with Levy shares characteristics with a fingerprint in that no two pictures are the same – it’s unknown which direction his visor will be pointed or what gang sign he decides to showcase at the time.


Let’s not forget other fans the camera gravitates towards: Jack Nicholson court-side at a Lakers game,  Vince Vaughn supporting the Blackhawks at the United Center, someone with the last name of Bush at a Texas Rangers game….George Jacobs at Guaranteed Rate Field????

George Jacobs is the 69-year old owner of Windy City Limousine and Chicago native.  Apparently he is a big bridge player; normal at that age, I think.  But what Jacobs is most known for is being the M&Ms guy, seen at all Chicago sporting events and most notably being a season-ticket holder for the Chicago White Sox.

George MnM Guy 2

According to Ed Komenda in an interview, the infamous yellow jacket was obtained when Jacobs’ wife gifted him a fantasy package at the Chicagoland Speedway in 2003, where he drove a race car around the track.  Later that year, Jacobs donned the M&Ms jacket (made popular by NASCAR driver Kyle Busch) to a Chicago Cubs playoff game, as most fans would for an October night game in Chicago, IL.

It turned out to be the Bartman game” said Jacobs.

About two weeks later, Jacobs and his jacket were recognized and approached in Lake Geneva, WI by someone who watched the game on tv.

They remembered the jacket.

After that, even at a time where social media wasn’t quite what social media is today – the M&Ms guy legend blossomed.  Jacobs now wears the jacket to every major Chicago sports event, no matter the weather.  In 2005, he landed the new “scout seats” behind home plate at U.S. Cellular Field (now Guaranteed Rate Field).  Jacobs attended every playoff game for the eventual World Series Champions in 2005 and when the White Sox clinched in Houston (4-0 sweep), former president George Bush Sr. walked up to and congratulated the M&Ms guy like he was the damn owner.  Alternatively, the M&Ms jacket also landed Jacobs on the list of Chicago’s 20 Douchiest Sports Fans – you can be the judge of that.

M&Ms guy should start to see some more camera time in the coming years (God willing) as the Chicago White Sox have one of the top farm systems in all of baseball.  If the young players in the organization live up their hype, expect to see the “other baseball team” in Chicago featured more frequently on nationally televised games.  Wouldn’t mind seeing more of this:


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