Blind Squirrel (NFL) gets their Nut (“Rodgers Rule”)


Everyone knows a perennial dumbass.  They fail to deliver when nearly any opportunity presents itself, IE that coworker – you know who I’m talking about.  Let’s not forget that friend who regularly shoots their shot with endless members of the opposite sex, but goes home in an Uber for one.  BUT sometimes they surprise us and come through.  When the initial shock wears off, you come back to your pessimistic senses and remember “even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Enter the National Football League.

Where do I start?  I’ll be prompt this time.  The NFL has received seemingly zero support for a couple rules they implemented (or attempted to implement) this past off-season.  The “Helmet Rule” has afforded the opportunity for all of social media to participate in the NFL’s product of “Where’s Waldo?” but instead, it’s a short video clip of a game where the viewer attempts to locate the player on the field responsible for committing a penalty.  In short, this rule will lose bettors’ money, teams’ games, and players’ jobs.  And then there is the “National Anthem Protest Rule” which every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a view on.  I don’t do politics.  But the NFL & owners tried to implement the rule and it has since been saved as a draft.

However, the NFL went and got their nut with the “Rodgers Rule.”  If you paid attention to any channel that covers any sports, you can recall Anthony Barr (Vikings) ending the Green Bay Packers’ season in 2017.  During the play, Rodgers made his way out of the pocket and was ultimately tackled by Barr.  Honestly the tackle Barr made on Rodgers was late and could have been avoided entirely.  Regardless, Barr also unnecessarily drove Danica Patrick’s man into the turf after the tackle was made, resulting in a broken collarbone for the QB.  In an act to prevent defensive players from continuing this type of play, the NFL has mandated there will be a 15-yard penalty for those who unnecessarily (maliciously, if you will) drive a QB into the ground at the end of their tackle.  This makes sense.  There are not a significant amount variables, like the “Helmet Rule” has with players who may be avoiding contact and/or coming down from a catch.  Hold on…what’s a catch again?  Nah.  Berating the NFL is too easy and overstated.  Just watch these:

rodgers rule.gif


Vikings staying relevant in 2018:



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